Through our years of experience, we can provide a comprehensive and professional component that continues to take our clients to the next level. Whether you have minor or major concern, Under Pressure Performance can diagnose your problems and provide a range of solutions.  With the use of the latest technology and a in-house 2500 HP Superflow Dyno, Electronic and Mechanical Fuel Flow Bench

we can fully offer a complete assessment of your engine needs.

Tuning & Consulting


Under Pressure Performance offers tuning & consulting for all of our supercharged engines and turbocharged engines. Whether you are renting the track for a test session or competiting at a National event UPP is available to assist you on your fuel system & engine management needs. Call today for prices and scheduling.

Superchargers Mods


Supercharger Repair

Supercharger Stripping

Supercharger Modifications Root and Centrifugal Supercharger



Custom Engine Building (Specializing in Supercharged Engines)

Engine Dyno Testing

Engine R&D Programs

EFI Tuning&Consulting (Tuning Classes Available soon)

Electronic and Mechanical Fuel Flow Testing

Supercharger Modification and Repair

NEW! Procharger Modification and Flow Testing

Electronic Fuel Injector Cleaning


Find out more about the range of services we offer by calling us at 864 380 2496 or sending us an email