Engine Simulation

Under Pressure Performance now offer complete Engine Simulation.

Engine Simulation Software

When running a Engine Simulation the following details below will be analyzed during the test.


Cycle Data   

Cylinder pressure    Cylinder temperature    Cylinder volume
Heat loss to coolant    Int & exh actual valve position    Int & exh cam accel.
Int & exh cam velocity    Int & exh port velocity.    Int & exh port pressure
Int & exh pushrod force    Int & exh theoretical valve position    Int & exh valve flow area
Instantaneous Piston Acceleration    Piston Position    Piston thrust on cylinder wall
Instantaneous piston torque    Instantaneous piston velocity   


RPM Data
Engine RPM    Brk Tq, ft-lbs    Brake HP
Exh Pres, PSI    IntVac or Boost    Vol Eff, %
Actual CFM    Fuel Flow, lb/hr    Nitrous, lb/hr
Ntrs Fuel, lb/hr    BMEP, PSI    A/F Mxtr Qlty, %
BSFC, lb/HP-hr    Thermal Eff, %    IMEP, PSI
Frctn Tq, ft-lbs    Frctn HP    FMEP, PSI
Mech Eff, %    Motoring HP    Pumpng Work, HP
Residual Exh, %    Shrt Circuit, %    Exh Temp, deg F
Mx Cyl Pres, PSI    Mx Cyl Tmp, deg F    In Port Tmp, deg F
Piston Spd, ft/min    Piston Gs @ TDC    Coolant HP
Blow By, CFM    In Tun Pres, PSI    Avg In Vel, ft/sec
Avg Ex Vel, ft/sec    Mach #    Act In FlowArea,%
Act Ex FlowArea,%    Valve Toss    Knock Index
Spark Advnc, deg    Primary Jet    Secondry Jet
Calc Error    Compressor Eff, %    Cmprssr Pres Ratio
Compressor HP    Compressor RPM    Roots Vol Eff, %
Turbo Wastegt, %    Turbo Surge, %